Our C.E.O. Tesha Smith

                                                      Our C.E.O. Tesha Smith

Our fashion enthusiast Tesha Smith has always had an eye for making affordable fashion pieces look expensive. She realized that fashion is not about the brand, it is about the style. So she started making vintage tees for herself. She received so many compliments so she decided to share her love for the simplicity of grunge tees, with the rest of the world.  Her vintage grunge tees became the focal point of her brand. Later she expanded her brand by carrying accesories, dresses, bodysuits and jumpsuits. Lux Liv Boutique offers luxury fashion at a price you can live with. Our pieces are unique, and fashion forward essentials that inspire creativity and confidence.

We are centered in the heart of beautiful Los Angeles. We offer clothing and accessories for women of all walks of life, body types and personalities. Lux Liv offers something for each woman and every occasion. Whether you need an edgy grunge tee for a date night, a sexy dress for a girl's night out or a fun and flirty ensemble for a mid day brunch. Our style is defined as the eclectic fusion of vintage, sexy and contemporary. We also accept specific jacket and t-shirt designs. 

*Our T -shirts are not directly affiliated with Yeezy Apparel, Brand or company. We are not directly associated with any of the bands, celebrities or artists on our T-shirts. All images and T-shirts are inspired designs.